Not a look and a smile.. 6 tips you must do to win your wife’s heart

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Success in reaching and owning the wife’s heart requires many skills and communication arts that every man should possess, as she is a delicate and sensitive being influenced by sincere feelings and treatment that inspires her soul with reassurance and security. Reham Abdel Rahman, family relations expert and researcher in mental health.

Strengthening love in a relationship


Attention is the first step for a woman to feel appreciated and respected by men, such as caring for her feelings and the type of hobby she wants to practice and share moments of happiness, pain and betrayal, for caring is the key to a woman’s heart.

Pay attention to its features:

Try to focus on the strengths of her personality to help her boost her self-confidence; The first step to winning a woman’s heart is having a man who makes her feel special and that she has many qualities that he has always been looking for.

Happy surprises:

The element of happy surprise brings joy, change, and breaks the routine and boredom in the relationship; Therefore, you should pay attention to the occasions that make her happy, such as celebrating the anniversary of the acquaintance, or her birthday; These occasions make happy memories and remain immortal in her heart.

Stay away from what makes her angry.

What angers the female the most is your preoccupation with her and your lack of appreciation for her feelings, whether at work, friends or any other interests, and therefore you have to balance your life and manage your time so that you feel her importance in your life.

Avoid controlling and controlling:

A man may resort to controlling a woman out of excessive jealousy, but that will inevitably make you lose the one you love. Women, by nature, appreciate respect and clarity; Therefore, you have to explain your feelings while avoiding imposing control and commands without sharing any decision with her, as this will make her alienate you, regardless of the degree of her connection to you..

Love Balance:

In order for love to continue, maintain the element of friendship between you, as what most renews the bonds of love is understanding, comfort and reassurance with the other party, and this is achieved by the friendship relationship that serves as fuel for love, respect and trust between you, no matter what challenges you face.

Tips to win the heart of your lover
Tips to win the heart of your lover


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