A skull containing dinosaur teeth was offered for sale at an auction in America.. know its price

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A complete Tyrannosaurus rex skull, one of the most complete in history, is up for sale next month at Sotheby’s in New York City.

The skull, nicknamed ., was discovered Maximus in South Dakota, where other T-Rex skeletons were found, according to the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”.

The skull for sale still contains the teeth bearing the elements of the jaw and most of the outer bones on the right and left sides, said Henry Galliano, a consultant Natural History at Sotheby’sin a statement: “The fossil T-rex An extraordinary discovery.


skull for sale
skull for sale

dinosaur skull
dinosaur skull

Dinosaur skull for sale
Dinosaur skull for sale

The skull was discovered in one of the most concentrated areas for remains T-rexIt retains much of its original shape and surface characteristics even on the smallest and most delicate bones, with an extremely high degree of scientific integrity..

“Without the work of the experienced field paleontologists who carefully collected and preserved this skull, it would have eroded and been lost forever,” he said. The skull was discovered on private land in Harding County, South Dakota in the Hill Creek Formation.

This geological formation is world famous for the presence of dinosaur remains T-rex More than anywhere else in the world, the Sue dinosaur was also found, the first dinosaur ever sold at auction, which fetched a record $8.3 million in Sotheby’s in 1997.

The site is also famous for excavating other famous dinosaurs from the Cretaceous period including Triceratops, Edmontosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Pachyphalosaurus and many more..

Displays the excavation site where a skull was discovered T. rex Weathering over time, most of the skeleton was destroyed by erosion, but fortunately the skull remained intact.

Accompanying the skull is full documentation of condition, authenticity, and legal title, including bone chart, bone inventory, field photographs, and preparation notes, proving that the typical specimen is in a class by itself..

Cassandra Hutton, head of popular science and culture at Sotheby’s, said two large holes in the skull were evidence that the animal was in combat, possibly with another T-Rex.


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