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Valentine’s Day is one of the most celebrated holidays around the world, and with the approach of the Egyptian Valentine’s Day celebration, many gifts that may be unfriendly to the environment are increasingly being bought, from paper that wraps gifts to cards wrapped in environmentally harmful plastic, even with pieces of paper. The chocolate that is served with the bouquet of roses has a short life, so “The Seventh Day” shows some appropriate and different ways to make you celebrate an environmentally friendly Egyptian Valentine’s Day, according to the site “”sustainability” As follows:

buy a long life gift

You can buy environmentally friendly gifts such as a cup, a piece of art or a pair of gloves, or reusable kitchen utensils such as bottles and stay away from balloons and decorations that harm the environment

Celebrating Valentine’s Day

buy jewelry

It is important to buy from a jewelry company that tracks their practices in the formation of gemstones and minerals in order to ensure that they are mined correctly and do not lose their value, especially companies that cut gem stones that lead to the appearance of dust, which affects the workers’ lungs, and also it is better to buy even simple gold pieces They are very useful and retain their value.

Valentine's Day gifts
Valentine’s Day gifts

Replacing roses with live plants

Bouquets of roses are usually made ready for purchase in the supermarket. These flowers often contain fungicides, insecticides and herbicides that are banned due to their association with respiratory problems and nervous weakness. Instead, choose a plant that lives longer, one that helps eliminate pollutants in the home such as shade plants.


Prepare a romantic dinner

In addition to the fact that this idea is low-cost, but the romantic dinner has a strong impact on increasing love between those who are emotionally connected, with bringing it a simple gift that increases the feeling of interest.

Valentine's Day
Valentine’s Day


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