Valentine’s Day.. a truce from differences and problems.. How do you open a new page with your wife?

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The marital relationship goes through many problems, which can be solved with understanding and love, but some let the problems end the remaining threads of love and friendship between him and his wife, which causes an increase in problems that may cause the relationship to end one day, but these problems can be ended and a new page of By following several tips that we review in this report on the occasion of the Egyptian Valentine’s Day, corresponding to November 4, according to the website “marriage365“.

How do you open a new page with your wife?

Praise your wife every day

The good word has the effect of magic, so the husband should praise his wife, whether when she cooks food or praises her way of arranging the house or even for her elegance and coordination of the colors of her clothes, which makes the wife feel happy.

two spouses

Prepare your favorite drink

The husband should take the initiative to prepare their favorite drink, whether it is tea or coffee prepared in a certain way or some kind of natural juice, or to cook their favorite meal for them, which helps the wife feel happy and her husband’s interest in her.

happy couple
happy couple

Apologize when you’re wrong

The husband must apologize to his wife when he makes a mistake in her right, in order to end any dispute that arose between them because of the mistake he committed, which helps to stabilize their family.

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Another image


Doing some exercise together helps to feel happy and strengthen the spirit of cooperation between husband and wife, which strengthens their relationship over time.

Sending love letters

The wife wants all the time to feel her husband’s love and care for her, so the latter must recall their old memories and send her a love letter expressing his love, which makes her feel happy and her husband’s interest in her.


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