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Every girl is looking for different outfits that fit her and make her look elegant and sparkling. Therefore, it is necessary to know the different types of body shape, as there are four body types, which are hourglass, pear, apple and round. In our report, we will review these types according to the website.loveyourdress“.

1 – the apple:

The girl with the apple body is of medium weight, the waist is shorter and undefined, and the legs are slender.

Best Suitable Dresses:

She can wear any dress design, including the one with belts and with a low waist, and dresses with a decorative upper part, all of them fit this shape, because they help to hide the middle part of the body, and for this you should not hesitate in short dresses, because they are ideal.


2 – Athlete:

A girl who has an athletic body can have an undefined waist and wide and wide shoulder, and this body is parallel to the upper part of the body with the narrow lower part.

Best Suitable Dresses:

The dress is in the form of AAttractive waist, simple-shaped dresses are ideal because they help balance the wide shoulders, give a more feminine body shape, and also choose a dress with a tight waist.

the athlete
the athlete

hourglass body

And the best dresses for an hourglass body:

Those with a tight waistline, such as flattering dresses with a tie waist is a good choice for hourglass figures.

sand clock
sand clock

4 – pear or triangle:

The pear shape of the body is accompanied by the upper part of the body that is thinner, and in order to be balanced in shape, dresses that add more volume to the upper half of the body should be chosen.

Best Suitable Dresses:

Strap top, open neckline vLetter-shaped skirt Aor a full skirt which gives balance to the shape of the body



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