How to make grilled lobster with chili sauce and sesame

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Lobster is one of the foods rich in many sources that provide the body with energy, and it is also one of the important dishes in the case of making a meal consisting of seafood, so we will discuss in the following lines how to make grilled lobster with hot sauce and sesame on the way of Chef Mai Siam, and it can also be served with Shrimp rice, grilled fish

How to make grilled lobster with chili

How to make lobster: Ingredients:

1 large lobster

tablespoon olive oil

tablespoon vinegar


juice of a large lemon

3 minced garlic cloves

Hot sauce and sesame

4 tablespoons olive or regular oil

juice of a large lemon

hot sauce spoon

Two tablespoons of sesame oil

Salt and black pepper

sesame for garnish

How to prepare lobster:

At first we wash the lobster and let it drain

Then we mix the lemon, cumin, garlic, vinegar and olive oil

Then we open the lobster from the back with scissors

Then we season the lobster from the inside in a good way

We grill it on a grill, on a stove, or in the oven

When it is ready, put the sauce on it, sprinkle with sesame and serve

To prepare the sauce, mix all the ingredients together and mix well

It is served with lemon and orange juice, or any drink as desired, and it can be served with other dishes

lobster ingredients
lobster ingredients

grilled lobster
grilled lobster


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