Egyptian Valentine’s Day.. Towers prefer celibacy over engagement, most notably Gemini

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Lovers are eagerly waiting for the Egyptian Valentine’s Day, corresponding to November 4, to exchange gifts and congratulations and renew their relationships and promises together, but some do not care and do not wait for Valentine’s Day to celebrate it, because they believe that staying single is better for them, and these believe that they belong to some of the astrological signs that we review in this report According to the website, msn “.

Prefer being single over being in a romantic relationship


Gemini is considered one of the fun-loving constellations, travel and touring between countries, and because it does not prefer to take responsibility and always clings to its freedom and because it is also temperamental by nature, it does not prefer to enter into a serious emotional relationship, and always avoids serious relationships, so it remains single for the longest period.

A man who fears engagement


Sagittarius prefers freedom and departure and always travels between different countries, so he does not like to restrict his freedom, so he always escapes from serious emotional relationships that make him restricted and impose many responsibilities on him.

A girl who prefers being single
A girl who prefers being single


Aquarius is characterized by giving, but in emotional relationships he always likes to give as he takes in order to continue the emotional relationship, but when he discovers that the other party does not reciprocate the same feeling, he ends the relationship immediately.

Horoscope prefer celibacy
Horoscope prefer celibacy


The Pisces is characterized by romance, which pushes him to enter into a serious emotional relationship, but due to his sensitivity, he is afraid of being hurt in his feelings, so he is afraid to enter into an emotional relationship for fear of his feelings.


Virgo always dreams of entering into a perfect romantic relationship, and because he is a lot of criticism, he does not accept little and is difficult to please, so he prefers to remain single for as long as possible.


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