Don’t blink the bag after you drink it.. 3 different uses of green tea

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Many of us do not know about green tea except that it helps digestion and regulates bowel movement. It contains many vitamins and minerals that help improve the appearance of your skin, and this is what makes it have many aesthetic benefits, not just health, so the seventh day reviews many One of the aesthetic uses of green tea, especially the baguette, after you have finished eating it, which can be used by girls and men as well, according to the site “”femina” As follows:

Green tea uses

Natural exfoliator for the skin

Green tea is characterized by its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, as it can fight bacteria that infect the skin, and it works to calm the skin that occurs as a result of weather changes, and its antioxidant properties make it a natural fighter against the signs of aging, so using it as an exfoliator can help eliminate acne Acne and blackheads, reduces the severity of pimples.

Everything you need to make the scrub

1 tablespoon of green tea or packet

two spoons of sugar

And a quarter of a spoonful of honey

The ingredients are mixed well, distributed on the face and neck, keeping away from the eye area, leave it for 10 minutes and wash it gently with water at room temperature, and make a weekly routine.

Green tea
Green tea

Minimize skin pores

Green tea contains tannins that help clean the skin of dirt and calm the skin, in addition to the presence of acids that help get rid of excess oil from the skin and then shrink pores when it is cooled.

All you have to do is soak green tea in a cup of cold water, preferably ice cubes, then pour the water extracted from it into ice molds and put them in the freezer until it freezes, then rub green tea ice cubes on your face after washing them instead of toner.

Reduce puffiness
Reduce puffiness

It is used to reduce puffiness around the eyes

Green tea can help get rid of eye puffiness, because it contains antioxidants, it works to shrink blood vessels around the sensitive eye area, and reduce swelling and puffiness.

Just put the used green tea bags in the refrigerator, then put them on the eyes for 10 minutes, while relaxing, and make it part of your skin care routine twice a week.


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