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The government’s statements about the “new city” are a joke that does not suit Jordan

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publish date 2022-11-03 11:42:11

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The Secretary-General of the National Constitutional Party, Dr. Ahmed Al-Shannaq, deplored in his statements to “compassThe government and its ministers continued the approach of addressing Jordanians with “slogans behind screens and five-star hotels, with dreamy future promises that have no basis on the ground,” in the context of his comment on the statements of the Prime Minister and some ministers about the new city and the unemployment file and other officials’ conversations.

Al-Shannaq said: We have recently followed several statements from Prime Minister Bishr Khasawneh and some ministers in this government, and we hope that they will stop addressing Jordanians with slogans from behind screens.

He stressed that the statements of the Prime Minister and his ministers about the new city that will be completed in 2050 and the topic of “unemployment in 2030”, and securing one million job opportunities, do not indicate the existence of an economic vision or a future vision, and have no justification, expressing his hope that the government will talk and its ministers on the ground.

He said: We hope that the government will inform us about the number of unemployed people in 2030 and what are the major national projects that can be started to be implemented to absorb unemployment, and what is their plan to achieve economic growth that absorbs unemployment figures.

Dreams of a new city in 2050..not the approach of the Jordanian state

Al-Shannaq criticized the Prime Minister’s statements about the new city, which will be completed in 2050, stressing that “this approach is not accustomed to from prime ministers who made achievements in the history of the Jordanian state, as the field was the one who spoke about the achievement and not statements and seminars in five-star hotels.”

He pointed out that “just as the Jordanian partisanship was in political modernization when it became a meeting of five-star hotels, and our political and economic life and the future of this country, we are talking about it behind screens and meeting five-star hotels.”

Dr.. Ahmed Al-Shannaq: When will the irresponsible government discourse that finds no translation on the ground stop?

Al-Shanaq said: I believe that this approach is not the historical approach of the Jordanian state, and it is not the approach of a state that stands on the edge of the sword in a confrontation now with extremist Jewish religious groups and the forces of the fascist Zionist right who will rule “Israel.”

He pointed out that “what the government declares does not express any internal challenges to strengthen the home front and find solutions to citizens’ problems, and there is nothing to convince the citizen on the ground.”

He continued his speech by saying: The Prime Minister also spoke, for example, that the public sector should be at the service of the citizen, and we ask him whether this needs a statement from behind the screens, and what hinders you, Prime Minister, from taking decisive decisions to remove all the administrative leaders that came through mediation, nepotism and paralysis.

Al-Shannaq asked: When will the irresponsible government rhetoric stop, which does not find any translation on the ground, because we are tired of these governments and their statements behind screens.

And he sent a message about the unjustified high prices with regard to oil derivatives: Is it possible, Mr. Prime Minister, to become a “kerosene tank” to heat the middle and poor classes for 17 dinars and twenty piasters? How will the Jordanian citizen ensure the warmth of his home and his children.

Officials in ivory towers and “comedy” decisions are not appropriate

Al-Shannaq continued by saying: These decisions, frankly speaking, deal with the Jordanian people through officials who reside in ivory towers and deal with citizens’ issues in an inappropriate manner, and now comes the story of the new city that will be completed during the year 2050.

“You are talking about future generations, and it is not your plan, Prime Minister, and I hope you do not talk about it. A prime minister may come in 2050 and work on this project, and we do not know what the shape of the Jordanian state will be like at that time,” as he put it.

Al-Shannaq added: Therefore, these statements and these slogans that are being raised, I believe, are comic and not befitting a Jordanian government that is going through a critical stage with global developments, historical transformations and major challenges.

A strategy that excludes “Islamic forces”… How will they confront an extremist Zionist project?

Al-Shannaq continued his statements by saying: Let’s talk frankly and put points on the letters. The countries around us are: an Iraqi leadership in the Iranian bosom, and now the one who will manage the sway of power in the Zionist occupation state is fascist Zionist groups that plan to expel the Palestinians and push them, and we have the right of history and geography with the Palestinian cause, so what have we prepared to confront A puritanical Zionist government, religiously and politically, for the next four years, because it won the majority that guarantees stability and continuity.

Al-Shannaq said, “A last question we must ask: Are there politicians and strategic thinkers around the decision-maker, and what do these transformations within Israeli society mean for Jordan and who governs it?”

The Prime Minister demanded that he come out and address the Jordanian people, what is our national plan at the internal level in confronting what is happening inside the Zionist entity, as diplomacy with this entity is no longer feasible, nor does addressing the world that stands in the trench of the occupying state.

Al-Shannaq stressed that “it is time for us to repeat our Jordanian national strategy and how to stand a solid trench in the face of existential dangers to Jordan and to the Palestinian people on the land of Palestine.”

And he concluded his statements by saying: Religious groups that “Israel’s law” says are terrorist are now leading the occupying state, and then we are surprised that when our Senate is formed, no figure of the Islamic forces is appointed to it, so has Islam become a charge in Jordan?


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