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The government announces the purchase of the Risha power plant at this price

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publish date 2022-11-03 09:36:25

The Compass – Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Dr. Saleh Al-Kharabsheh announced today, Thursday, an agreement with the (Central Electricity Generation Company) to purchase the (Risha power plant).

Al-Kharabsheh said in a press statement today that the ministry began a few months ago to study all the options presented regarding the termination of the agreement for the Risha power plant, which caused the “temporary stop” of the gas produced from the Risha field, pointing out that negotiating consultations took place with the company during the last period to buy the station by The government to restart it in the public interest.

The minister explained that the agreement that was reached is similar to the previous agreement related to the purchase of (the Rehab power plant), where the option of extension was on the table, and the National Electric Power Company would have an annual capacity cost estimated at about 17.5 million dinars, and the decision eventually settled on buying the station at an amount of 5 million dinars. Jordanian dinars, which is about 12.5 million dinars less than the cost of the capacity that would have been paid annually.

He added that these negotiations led to the purchase of the station, which worked at a cost of 2.8 million dinars, to be paid annually by the National Electric Power Company, even if the station did not work, and that the amount reached instead of the value of the station amounted to 550,000 dinars, which achieves annual savings exceeding 2 million dinars.

According to Minister Kharabsheh, the agreement includes the purchase of two gas turbines and administrative buildings available on the site, which enhances the economic feasibility of operating the two gas turbines and achieves sufficient flexibility in the future for the National Petroleum Company in dealing with any increase in the quantities of natural gas produced from the field.

Minister Kharabsheh stressed that resuming work at the Risha power plant would enhance the marketing options for the gas produced from the Risha gas field and would not conflict with the process of transferring gas from the Risha area to the consumption centers in tankers after its pressure and/or liquefaction to supply consumers in the center and north of the Kingdom with natural gas based on The agreements signed by the National Petroleum Company with some investors, which contribute to increasing reliance on local resources, expanding job opportunities and reducing operational costs on industries.

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