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Public Security warns of traffic accidents

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publish date 2022-11-03 12:26:52

The Assistant Director of the Criminal Investigation Department for Operations Affairs, Colonel Osama Abu Uthayya, said that fraud by fabricating pedestrian accidents is an old crime, and it appears from time to time.

Abu Uthayya added, on Thursday, to Public Security Radio, that there are strict procedures in coordination with the partners in the Central Traffic Department and the Criminal Investigation Department specialized in fabricating fraudulent incidents, laboratories and criminal evidence management.

He explained that the fabrication of trampling accidents is carried out by a group of people as they target the elderly, especially women, and one of them throws himself in front of a vehicle and then the others gather around him, claiming to help him.
Abu Ghadeh pointed out that the fraudulent group often has a “ready splint” and an x-ray, and they ask the driver who fell victim to have a sum of money, not to go to the security center.

He pointed out that non-congested areas and roads where driving speed is normal, this type of accidents abound.

A warning to drivers and called on citizens to review the security services to find out any accident they may be exposed to, noting that there are investigation teams involved in detecting accidents that are premeditated by others.

He warned drivers of those people who create accidents on the roads in order to earn money, noting that crime is dealt with technically and professionally, and cameras are used to identify accidents.

Abu Ghadeh indicated that there are suspects, who used to fabricate trampling incidents and have become known to the security services.

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