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Full sentence of 45 years in prison for kidnapping and rape gang

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publish date 2022-11-03 08:40:54

Yesterday, Wednesday, the Court of Cassation, the highest judicial authority, approved a decision to imprison 3 convicts of kidnapping and rape for periods ranging between 40 and 45 years.

The three convicts committed several crimes, including kidnapping a girl from her fiancé at night and assaulting her in an empty area, and despite her resistance to them, she reached the point of throwing herself from their vehicle, but they assaulted her physically and sexually. And a piece she wore in her ears, to establish evidence against them before the judiciary, which reached a harsher punishment with this ruling.

The court said that the punishment imposed on the three convicts came within the legal limit for the crimes they were convicted and charged with, and that the Court of Cassation recognizes the High Criminal Court when it collected the penalties against them due to the ugliness of the crimes committed and the seriousness of the perpetrators and their actions, so that such punishment would be a deterrent to them and their likes and achieve general deterrence. and private.

This girl was neither the first nor the last victim. Rather, the court found that the perpetrators committed more than 6 crimes of this kind. Their method was to kidnap the girls, assault them physically and sexually, pour kerosene on their bodies and torture them, and assault those who accompany them, whether their fiancé or their relatives, in different ways. And they continued in this state until the girl was able to set them up.

The High Criminal Court based its decision against the three convicts on 21 evidence, including the testimonies of the victims and their families, evidence from the scene of their crimes, the vehicle they used, forensic doctors, and what was left by one of the victims in the criminals’ vehicle, which is proven by scientific evidence in the report of the Department of Laboratories and Criminal Evidence.

The Public Prosecution had charged the three convicts with accusations of indecent assault, five times for the first convict, four times for the second convict, four times for the second convict, and two times for the third convict, the felony of theft for all of them, attempted murder for the first and second, carrying and possessing a firearm without a license, and joint harm.


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