Service and Shusha: “My father is deceased, and I have a sister from another mother, but my sisters refuse her.”

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My father passed away and he was married to another woman before his marriage to my mother, and he had a daughter who is a sister to me from my father and who is one year older than me. They kill her from being with us, and indeed she left our house and went to her uncle’s house to her mother. I am attached to my sister and I want her to stay with us in one house, but unfortunately my brothers and my mother prevented me from achieving this wish for me… This problem destroyed my life, so what should I do?”.

We transferred the problem to Dr. El-Sayed Negm, a specialist in family affairs and a researcher in psychological and educational counseling: “Reparation of broken hearts is one of the most beautiful things we deal with in our lives, especially if these hearts are from the closest relatives. I thank you deeply for your feelings towards your sister and that you want to Be a support for her in life, and that you were a reason to connect the severed wombs.

And he continued: “Do not make this problem a reason to disturb your life or, as you put it, to destroy your life. Everything has a time, and perhaps you hastened a little in this step, and you should first have prepared your mother and brothers psychologically to accept your sister’s living with them, but I advise you to postpone this step a little, Especially when it is not necessary as long as your sister has another shelter, in order to preserve your sister’s feelings and psyche so that she does not have psychological pressure stemming from your mother and brothers’ treatment of her. Rather, the distance at this stage is first and more appropriate for your sister’s interest than your father, and how do you know that if she lives with you in this The atmosphere full of hate and lack of acceptance, not to suffer psychological trauma that affects her health, psyche, work or studies, and this may be reflected in her future life with her life partner.

And he explained, “But you have to always love her and force her mind and look for her interests and compensate her for the loss of the father and to be a support for her in life, and this is the summit of loyalty and good behavior from you, and to visit her from time to time and to be sympathetic and sympathetic to her, for the sister always cherishes her brother and feels safe and reassured with him. With it, she raises her head among the people, and if there was nothing between you except that you are from the same solidity, then he would be a guarantor of her right over you.

And he asserts: “You have to from time to time convince your mother and your brothers to accept her even without living with them, but at least that the wombs are connected and that the brothers are one bond and that the mother should not be a reason to cut these wombs and instill hatred and hatred between the brothers because what happened has happened and ended, so you have to A difficult task in convincing them of this through a soft and wise method, and reminding of the consequences of severing the womb..

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