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There are many reasons that push the child to bully and practice the aggressive method on others, such as verbal bullying and psychological and moral bullying with the aim of provoking the other party and showing his weakness and lack of helplessness. Rahman researcher in psychological and educational counseling and family counselor.

Reasons why a child is aggressive and bully: Lack of skills and lack of skills:

The lack of some necessary skills in raising a child, such as respect, flexibility, emotional and social intelligence, makes the child behave in an unacceptable manner, and it may be unconscious.

Relationships fail:

Failure to make friends and lack of social flexibility, and thus begins to feel a lack of self-confidence, and that he is an unloved person, and he begins to emit negative behavior from him. .

Blind Tradition:

Blind imitation of some manifestations of bullying by one of his classmates, so he practices ridicule and harsh criticism on others..

Lack of family stability:

Family disintegration and ongoing disagreements between spouses are a direct cause of raising a psychologically unstable child who bullies others.

Important tips to address this phenomenon and modify the child’s aggressive behavior: The example:

Be a role model for your children in respect and acceptance of others, and strive to provide them with the necessary skills such as self-confidence, taking responsibility, and instilling religious and moral scruples in their souls..


Psychological support and the use of positive words works to modify the child’s negative behavior and change his personality for the better, through the use of incentive and reward, and raising his self-entitlement.


Ensuring that children visit sick children and care homes for the elderly, urging them to give and volunteer work that earns them the love of benevolence, sympathy with others, and gratitude for health; Thus, getting rid of aggression and self-love.

Self expression:

Leave space for your children to express themselves, especially when they are subjected to bullying and defamation by others, and avoid calling them negative traits such as (you are weak, why did you not resist), all of which are negative words that confirm the weakness in their souls.. Just give them support and containment..

Avoid neglect:

Make sure to follow the children and not leave them on social media for long hours without following up on what they are watching. Also, make sure on the part of the family to educate the children about the dangers of bullying and to emphasize on their part the weakness of the bully’s personality and explain how to confront it.

Behavior Modification
accompanying children
accompanying children
Advice for raising a child
Advice for raising a child


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