How to make cream of artichoke soup.. It is warm and all benefits

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Artichoke soup is one of the easy-to-prepare soups that is served hot, and also contains many benefits that provide the body with energy.

Cream of artichoke soup

How to make artichoke soup: Ingredients:

Half a kilo of artichokes

an onion

2 chicken soup cup

2 flour hanging

cup of cooking cream


black pepper

a little pinch of cumin

lemon juice


Toasted toast to serve

How to prepare artichoke soup:

Saute onions until softened

Then add the chopped artichokes and stir well

Then add lemon, salt, cumin and pepper, and add celery

Then add the flour and stir until it disappears completely

Then add the soup and bring it to a boil again

Then we turn off the fire and beat the soup with a hand blender or in a blender

And we raise it again on the fire after it became creamy

If we notice that the consistency of the soup is heavy, it can be diluted with a little water or soup until its consistency is suitable.

Then add a cup of cream, stir and close the fire and serve with toasted bread

Artichoke soup ingredients

Artichoke soup ingredients

Preparing the artichoke cream
Preparing the artichoke cream


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