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With great sadness and sorrow, we woke up to the news of the departure of the international chef Osama El-Sayed, one of the first Egyptian chefs who was famous for providing the most delicious and most beautiful dishes in a simple way.

Many girls resorted to his recipes in learning to cook after the death of their mothers, and he was helping expatriate youth away from their families to make special dishes themselves instead of resorting to ready-made foods, thus many bid him farewell on TV in the last episode of his program, so the seventh day reviews the most famous recipes Which distinguished Chef Osama El-Sayed as follows:

Fava beans on the way of Chef Osama El-Sayed

It is preferable to use the capacity, and it is preferable to soak it for at least 8 hours, changing the water from time to time with a little yellow lentils, and lemon juice, then put a peel, and it is preferable to put it on a low heat, and divide it into bags according to the desired quantity, and it is preferable to mash it after filtering it from the water and wrapping it .

Fava beans on the way of Chef Osama El-Sayed

Piccata with veal

Season the steaks with salt and pepper and then cover with flour, in a frying pan, heat the butter and stack the steaks on top, and flip after two minutes on the other side, raise the steaks in a side dish, then add butter, lemon juice, and broth, and leave until it boils on the fire, and put the meat slices in it Until full maturity, add parsley and dill, and serve after the broth around it becomes a little thick.

Piccata with veal, the way of Osama El Sayed

Piccata with veal, the way of Osama El Sayed

Grilled chicken wings or thighs

After washing the chicken well, season it with turmeric or saffron with lemon juice, olive oil, onions with pepper and salt. Leave the chicken in the marinade for at least two hours in the refrigerator. It is preferable to grill the chicken with charcoal, or replace it with oven skewers. After a while, paint the chicken with paprika sauce, and serve with rice. Spicy and grilled vegetables.

Grilled chicken wings or thighs
Grilled chicken wings or thighs


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