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Many men have some skin problems, but they do not pay much attention to them, and among these problems are dry skin, acne and dark circles, and some men may have sensitive skin that makes them affected by the slightest thing on the skin..

And there is the problem of dark circles under the eyes, for a man that gives a tired appearance, how to deal with it, according to the website.birdie“.

Important components:

A man can use ingredients to take care of the under-eye area and are rich in vitamin c Because it helps repair the strengthening of leaky capillaries that contribute to the accumulation of blood under the eyes, and to take care of creams that contain vitamin K And green tea and caffeine, in their ability to hide the appearance of blue or dark circles under the eyes, and that a man should look for a cream containing panthenol and glycerin to calm the skin and lock in moisture.

A product with yeast extract can also be used, which has an effect on lightening and removing puffiness under the eyes, and circular motions must be made to stimulate stagnant blood flow, which contributes to making under the eyes dark. skin.

Natural remedies:

A man can use natural traditional recipes such as cold and wet tea bags such as green tea and chamomile, because they have a wonderful effect, and ice cubes or cold spoons can be placed under the eyes to promote blood circulation and revitalize the skin, and effective cucumber slices can be placed, which calms the skin while moisturizing it greatly, Gently massage the skin with a metal eye roller or jade to help reduce puffiness.

Reduce dark circles in other ways:

Chemical peeling can be done for the skin, and micro-needles can be used to stimulate collagen production and increase the absorption of skin care products, and a laser can be used to lighten that area.

Remove dark circles

Black Halos
Black Halos

dark circles treatment
dark circles treatment


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