A picture and information.. “Cobra” is its nickname, the malicious snake, and its archenemy is the mongoose

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The cobra snake is a group of venomous snakes, and in the lexicon it is called the malicious snake. The snake is considered very active, and if it is provoked, it moves its neck to look flat to the eye, with a terrifying appearance, as if it wears a head covering.

And the cobra snake has two ways to use its deadly venom, the first is to gnaw the victim with its poisonous fangs located in the front of the upper jaw, and the other is to inhale the venom in the victim’s eye, through the fangs that carry the venom by turning its head back to release its venom forward, and there are two ingenious species in that method, the African cobra, A type of cobra in eastern India.

The length of the Indian cobra is about two meters, and its diameter is about 15 cm, and its color is yellowish to brown, and in the back of its head there is a mark resembling the shape of glasses, which is why it is called the cobra with glasses.

cobra viper

It is known that the poisonous cobra venom does not harm it unless it enters the eyes, and at the time it irritates and may lead to loss of vision, if he does not rush to wash the eyes immediately, and may cause human death if he is bitten by the snake within hours.

The cobra eats many types of animals such as frogs, fish and birds, and the mongoose is an archenemy for the cobra, because it is very fast, it attacks the snake, and kills it most of the time.


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