4 constellations ask for advice and do not work with it, the most prominent of which is cancer .. “Do not be upset with them”

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Some ask for advice from trustworthy people, whether from their relatives, friends, or even co-workers, to work with it and get rid of the problems they have been experiencing for a while, but some ask for advice without acting on it, whether because they are not convinced of it or for other reasons, and they believe that they belong to some astrological signs. which we review in this report, according to theyourtango“.

Abraaj asks for advice and does not work with it


Sagittarius expects others to listen to his advice, due to his overconfidence in himself and his wisdom, but this will not happen when he asks for advice from anyone, as Sagittarius prefers to ask to discuss with those around him some of the issues that trouble him to find through his discussions different solutions, but in the end he does not implement any Something his friends advised him.

listen to tips


When Taurus asks someone for advice, it is for the purpose of persuading the person he is discussing to agree with him in his views and ideas, but he will not trust their opinions and advice and only implement what he is convinced of.

Horoscopes do not implement advice
Horoscopes do not implement advice


When a Cancer asks for advice, it is for the purpose of satisfying his desire to vent and express what feels distressed, and because he does not trust anyone easily, and believes that he alone knows what benefits and harms him, so he does not listen to anyone’s advice.

Not implementing advice
Not implementing advice


Pisces asks for advice from everyone around him, but in the end he follows his heart because of his confidence in his intuition, and because he does not want to hurt anyone’s feelings and embarrass him, if he asks for advice from one of those close to him, he pretends that he implements it in his desire to preserve their feelings.


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