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What does Netanyahu’s return mean and how will it affect Jordan and the file of normalization?

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publish date 2022-11-02 10:08:54

The Compass – Muhammad Saad

Preliminary results of the Knesset elections showed that the right-wing coalition led by former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu obtained a narrow majority in the Knesset with 67 seats.

About 70 percent of the 6.7 million eligible voters voted, and the voter turnout among the Palestinians inside was about 44 percent.

This percentage of the vote is the largest since 1999, and it is higher than the previous elections by about 5 percent.

Commenting on the results of the Israeli elections, freed prisoner Sultan al-Ajlouni said, “The number of elections and the failure of governments to end their term are important indicators of the failure of the Zionist project and signs of the collapse of the entity.”

For his part, the journalist writer Yasser Al-Zaatrah considers that there is nothing among the Zionists with regard to our people, except for “economic peace”; Whether Netanyahu wins or Lapid.”

Al-Zaitrah confirmed in his tweet on Twitter, “Netanyahu is distinguished by useful rudeness.”

aNetanyahu’s priority is normalization with the Gulf

These results raise questions about the future of the relationship between Jordan and the Israeli occupation, because Netanyahu ended his era in light of tense relations between him and King Abdullah II.

Political analyst Hazem Ayyad believes that Netanyahu “will disrupt the diplomatic channels that Lapid and Bennett created with Jordan, because he is not interested in them, but rather focuses on strengthening the relationship with the Gulf states in the first place.”

Ayyadfi said in a press statement, “Jordan’s policy will be negatively affected; Because Netanyahu’s arrival and his tendency to satisfy the Israeli right will make it difficult for the kingdom to manage the Palestinian file, and will increase the complications it faces at this sensitive stage, which is characterized by the escalation of resistance and the erosion of the authority’s influence.”

He added that “Jordan cannot manage these sensitive files through channels of understanding and communication with Netanyahu,” suggesting that the Kingdom will resort to “relying on the relationship with the President of the occupying state, Isaac Herzog, activating this channel, and focusing on security coordination through the Americans; With the aim of maintaining a certain level of escalation in the Palestinian territories.”

Ayyad pointed out that the strained relationship between Netanyahu and US President Joe Biden; It will reflect negatively on Jordan, due to Washington’s weak ability to influence the person of Netanyahu, and is likely to lead to a state of stagnation in the existing and intended economic agreements to be concluded between Jordan and “Israel”, such as the energy-for-water agreement, because Washington has a major role in contracting and sponsoring these agreements.

Relations between Jordan and “Israel” worsened during Netanyahu’s tenure for several reasons, most notably the repeated Israeli attacks on the holy sites under the king’s tutelage, Netanyahu’s announcement in July 2020 of a settlement plan to annex the Jordan Valley and large parts of the West Bank, and the prohibition of Crown Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah from visiting Al-Aqsa Mosque, and what followed Amman prevented Netanyahu’s plane from passing through Jordanian airspace to visit the UAE.

The results are a Zionist response to normalization

The Palestinian analyst, Saleh Al-Naami, considers that the results of the Israeli elections represent “the clearest response to the printing press and the weavers of public and secret relations with the Zionists.”

And he added, through his account on Twitter, “The preliminary results give a mandate to the religious forces in their version that are more extremist, criminal and more prejudiced against Arabs as Arabs.”

In a second tweet, he stressed that these results “have the potential to change the face of the conflict and the entire region.”

The Compass monitored the comments of some tweeters about the Israeli elections:

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