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Raising the price of advertising will ease the problems of newspapers

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publish date 2022-11-02 23:29:57

The Minister of Government Communication, Faisal Al-Shboul, explained the public’s lack of confidence in the official story as a general situation affected by difficult economic and social conditions.

In an interview with Amman TV, on Wednesday evening, he stated that he deals with all media outlets, “I do not avoid talking with any media outlet, and we need what we can do to raise the level of professionalism of news websites.”

Al-Shboul pointed out that social media looted the advertising market from all media outlets.

He provided justifications for the decision to establish a Ministry of Government Communication instead of the Ministry of State, which was, as “the ministry did not have a portfolio, and the previous ministers were busy speaking on behalf of the government instead of discussing the issues of media institutions,” stressing that the ministry will be in terms of expenditures in the narrowest scope.

In his speech, Shboul referred to the frameworks that govern the work of official media institutions, including the Jordanian TV, whose file is managed by a board of directors in addition to the general manager as well as personnel affairs, indicating that the political responsibility before Parliament ultimately rests with the minister.

The minister confirmed that the media spokespersons for the official institutions will be technically linked to the ministry.

On raising the price of government advertising in the daily newspapers, Shboul said that it will help alleviate the financial problems that newspapers suffer from, but it will not solve them, indicating that the advice was given to them to switch to electronic media to keep pace with the current development.

With regard to the new city, Shboul said, “Its main goal is to reduce overcrowding in large cities, especially Amman and Zarqa, as, with the end of all its phases, it will accommodate about one million people.”

In his speech, he pointed out that “the sovereign institutions of the Prime Minister and the House of Representatives will not be transferred to them, while a ministry and official departments will be transferred,” adding that “the city will be linked to a modern transport network with nearby cities and the airport.”

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