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Another drop in temperatures on Wednesday, and the desert has the largest share of rain

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publish date 2022-11-02 07:54:54

Compass – Specialists at the Arab Weather Center said that the Kingdom of Jordan will remain under the influence of a relatively cold and humid air mass on Wednesday, so that temperatures continue to drop and are lower than their usual rates for this time of the year by about 4-6 degrees Celsius, and the weather is pleasant autumn The day tends to be cold over the mountainous heights, and quantities of clouds multiply at different heights, resulting in scattered showers of rain in some areas. Floods form in those areas.

As for at night, it is expected that the weather will be relatively cold in general in most areas and pleasant in the Jordan Valley, Bahramit and Aqaba regions, turning to cold over the high mountainous heights with the late night and early morning hours, when the minimum is around 11-13 degrees Celsius, and less than that in the peaks This calls for wearing warmer clothes and using different heating methods in some areas, as well as the possibility of renewed fog formation in parts of the eastern plains.

And the air maps resulting from the so-called computer simulations indicate the presence of a strong air rise over the European continent, and it extends in all layers of the atmosphere over those regions, and preliminary forecasts indicate its extension during the coming period with direct support from deep air depressions over the Atlantic Ocean, as it contributes to the continued thrust With warm currents to the European depth, which makes the survival of the eastern basin of the Mediterranean, including the Kingdom, under the influence of air masses with temperatures lower than their normal rates for the next two weeks, may be separated by temporary increases in temperatures on some days.

God knows.

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