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A proposal to establish a new city at a cost of 8 billion dinars to accommodate one million people

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publish date 2022-11-02 20:50:19

The Cabinet, in its session held on Wednesday, chaired by Prime Minister Bishr Al-Khasawneh, heard a briefing from the consulting company (Dar Al-Handasah) on the project of establishing a new city, aimed at accommodating the steady population increase, especially in the capital Amman and the city of Zarqa. The company has been designing its basic features. For the past ten months.

The new city project will be built – if a decision is made in it – within the boundaries of the Greater Amman Municipality, and on lands wholly owned by the state treasury, and its location is approximately (40) kilometers from the center of the capital Amman, and (33) kilometers from Queen Alia International Airport, and (26) kilometers from the city of Zarqa.

The site of the new city project is considered part of the Jordanian Badia lands, and it is located on two international roads linking Jordan with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Republic of Iraq, and its total area estimated after its completion is approximately (277) thousand acres.

The new city project was proposed for the first time in 2017, but traffic was obstructed by circumstances that led to the postponement of its progress until now, including the Corona pandemic and its consequences.

According to the study presented, the new city project will be built in several phases, the first phase of which begins in 2025 and ends in 2033, while the last phase of it ends in 2050.

The first phase aims to establish a modern smart city that relies heavily on clean energy and accommodates about 157,000 people, while it is estimated to accommodate one million people when all its phases are completed.

The first phase of the project also includes residential buildings and public squares, in addition to transferring ministries and public institutions to them, with the exception of political institutions such as: the Prime Minister, Parliament and the Judicial Council.

The project also aims to establish a modern and environmentally friendly city, with economic and social dimensions of investment and development, and aims to relieve pressure on services, transportation and infrastructure in the capital, Amman and the city of Zarqa primarily, and the cost of its establishment in all its stages is more than eight billion dinars, and the government will contribute in establishing the infrastructure and basic services therein.

The project also aims to establish a modern and modern transportation network between the proposed city and each of the capital Amman, Queen Alia International Airport, the land port in Madouna and the city of Zarqa.

The Council of Ministers referred the study on the new city project to the Economic Development Committee; To discuss and consult on it with relevant parties and experts, provided that the committee returns a detailed report to the Council of Ministers within a month to study it and take a decision on it.

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