“Please remember me”… Chef Osama El-Sayed’s last will to the public before his departure

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Many people in Egypt and the Arab world were saddened by the announcement of the death of Chef Osama El-Sayed, who passed away in the early hours of this morning. Food, and one of his most famous books is the book “Bilhana and Al-Shafa”.

Chef Osama Al-Sayed recommended his followers, through his page, to remember him upon his death, and to pray for him, upon leaving the world, a publication that was widely circulated after his death among his loved ones, as if it were his will upon death, and the text of the post on Facebook stated:

My beloved.. I hope that you will remember me on a day when I am in dire need of your prayers and I am in the hands of the Most Merciful. Remember every beautiful thing and a sweet memory during our journey, whether you share with me your memories and attitudes and do not forget me from supplication, I long for your comments and interaction and I know that I am short in communicating with you, but God knows how far My love and longing for you and the difficulty of communicating in the recent period, since my beginning through radio and television and then via social media platforms, my goal was to enter happiness and pleasure and share with you everything I know and learn to be part of your daily life and serve humanity, thank you very much for your love and prayers.

Chef Osama

Chef Osama El-Sayed was born in 1957. He is a chef, nutrition consultant, cookbook author, TV presenter, Vice President of the Egyptian Chefs Association, and is considered one of the most famous chefs in the Arab countries.

Chef Osama Al-Sayed’s fame began with his presentation of the Balhana and Al-Shafa program in 1991, then he presented other programs, including “Si El-Sayed’s Kitchen”, “With Osama Atyab”, and “From Osama’s Kitchen”.


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