Neighbors to each other.. Watch how an elderly American woman saved her neighbor from theft and the thief escaped

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A fascinating story has spread of a West Auckland American woman after she saved another elderly grandmother from robbery in broad daylight, and the video clip shows Ms. Fay, 76, running outside her door one afternoon to save her neighbor from a robbery, according to site ” abc7news“.

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And the American woman spotted a car coming out of a young man who attacked her elderly neighbor, who is also in her late seventies, and in the video her screams can be heard asking for help, and the woman used her stick to hit the man several times, which led to the suspect being brought down, and she laughed, saying: “If my knees weren’t It hurts, I think I would have been there a little faster.”


When asked if she was afraid of interfering, Ms. Fei replied, there was not a single thing she was afraid of. She added with a laugh, “I never thought of that.. I had never thought of fear, because I am crazy I think.” She continued, “No I know, it’s just something in my nature, I do things and it doesn’t bother me until two hours later..that’s how I’ve always been.”


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