How to make green taro with meat.. Winter dishes that are easy to eat

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Taro is one of the foods that heat up in the winter season, and it is also one of the foods close to everyone’s heart and easy to eat for children and adults quickly, and it can be prepared in more than one way, so we will discuss in the following lines how to make taro according to the way of Chef Mai Siam with a delicious and appetizing taste.

Taro and how it works

How to make taro:

the ingredients:

kilo of taro

Half a kilo of meat

Meat soup

two boiled packages

dill packet

coriander bundle

3 or 4 garlic cloves

How to prepare taro

First, we boil the meat

Then we peel the taro and chop it

Then we soak it in hot water for 4 to 6 hours

Then we wash it well until removing the substance that looks like jelly

Then we put the taro in the soup after boiling until good maturity

Then we prepare the chard and put it on the taro and return to the fire again until boiling, then turn off the heat and serve with white rice or vermicelli

blanching method

First, wash the vegetables well and chop them

Then we put it in a pot on the fire, adding a spoonful of ghee to it

Then we stir the vegetables in a good way until they wilt and begin to toast in the ghee

We will notice that the amount of green has decreased to a quarter, which is very normal

Add garlic and stir well until it changes color and aroma

If an appetizing smell appears, turn off the fire

Then we use the hands of the mortar and we grind the greens and garlic well and make circular motions so that we can grind the greens well, until they become soft and put on the taro

How taro works
How taro works


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