“Be aware of the deterioration” .. Know the etiquette of dealing with street harassment

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Some girls are subjected to many harassment when they go to the street, some of them may face some unwanted behavior towards others, so we will discuss in the following lines the etiquette of dealing in the event of harassment in the street, according to Hala Al-Azab, an expert in etiquette and human relations.

Types of harassment

The etiquette expert said in her speech to The Seventh Day: “The staring look at the body is one of the things that annoy girls, so they feel tension and distress, so if you are exposed to this matter, you should stay away from this person’s surroundings or change the table if you are sitting in a café or change the seat if You were on public transportation ignoring this unacceptable act.

Try to talk to the girl

And she continued: “In the event that you are subjected to a situation of forceful speaking from another person, so you have to be calm and coherent, and it is preferable that you think for a few moments before you get angry, or make any response from you, but it is preferable that you do not prolong his presence next to you, by standing firm and telling him that you do not accept this behavior and that you will take strong action against his harassment, And if this continues, you should use the nearest person next to you or in the fixed police ambushes on the street

Go to the nearest police station

And she continued: “But if you are harassed by touch or in a way, you have to be calm by doing breathing exercises and not saying any word outside, using passers-by on the street to quickly catch this intruder and ask the police by phone or go to the nearest police station, after the problem ends, you have to go to your home and take a bath.” Warm to calm your body and relieve stress


In the event that you are exposed to any outside speech, it is preferable to ignore and continue walking, but in the case of continuity, it is preferable to inform one of your relatives in case he is near you, but if you are alone, it is preferable to inform the police.

Etiquette for dealing with harassment

Street harassment
Street harassment
Etiquette for dealing with harassment
Etiquette for dealing with harassment


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