A bird sets a record for flying from Alaska to Australia without stopping

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A bird has set a new record by flying non-stop from Alaska to the Australian state of Tasmania, according to the New York Post.

The bird flew at least 13,560 kilometers during that flight, an ornithologist said, as noted by the Associated Press website, that this bird was hatching in Alaska during the summer in the northern hemisphere.

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Eric Wheeler, a birdlife regulator in Tasmania, said it contained a GPS tracking chip.GPS) and a small solar panel allowed an international research team to track the first annual migration across the Pacific Ocean, adding: “Because the bird was so small, its gender was unknown.”

However, at about five months old, the bird left southwest Alaska in the Yukon-Kuskokwim delta on October 13, and eleven days later, the bird landed in Anson Bay at the northeastern tip of Tasmania on October 24, according to data from Germany’s Max Planck Institute. for ornithology.

The Associated Press website said that the research has not yet been published or reviewed, and a bird is spreading Godwit In summer it crosses northern Europe and Asia, crosses the Bering Strait to live in western Alaska, according to Audubon.


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