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36 rumors last October

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publish date 2022-11-01 16:40:45

The Jordanian Media Credibility Monitor (AKEED) recorded 36 rumors that were issued and spread among the audience of recipients last October, and reached them through local media and public dissemination platforms such as social networking sites.

According to its monthly report on rumors, the observatory has developed a quantitative and qualitative methodology to monitor rumors in Jordan, according to the definition of rumors as “incorrect information related to a Jordanian year, or to Jordanian interests, which reached more than 5,000 people, through digital media.” .

The observatory indicated, through the monitoring process last October, that the number of rumors, which reached 36, recorded a decrease of 6 rumors, compared to the rumors recorded last September, which amounted to 42 rumors.

Public affairs rumors ranked first with 14 rumors, or 39 percent, and rumors in the economic and security sector ranked second with 8 rumors, or 22 percent each, while health rumors came in third place, which recorded 3 rumors, with a rate of 8 percent.

Political rumors ranked fourth, with two rumors, with a rate of 6%, while the social field came in fifth place, with one rumor, at 3%.

The monitoring process tracked the source of the rumors spread through the media and public dissemination platforms, especially social networks. When categorizing rumors according to their source, it was found that the share of internal sources, whether social media or news sites, amounted to 35 rumors out of the total volume of rumors for the month of October The first was last, with a rate of 97 percent, while one rumor was recorded from an external source, with a rate of 3 percent.

The observatory explained when classifying the rumors, according to the means of publication, that it was found through the monitoring of (Akeed) that 23 rumors, at a rate of 64 percent, came from social media, and all were issued locally, while the media promoted 13 rumors, at a rate of 36 percent; One is from an external source, 8%, and 12 is internal rumor, 92 percent.

In the case of rumors and their spread, Akeed Monitor believes that the basic rule in dealing with content produced by users of social media is not to republish it unless it is verified by a reliable source.

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