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The responsibility of raising children and instilling values ​​in them starts from within the family, as it is the first nucleus through which the children see the surrounding community. Their life journey, instilling morals in the hearts of children is a skill that begins with these tips indicated by Dr. Reham Abdel Rahman, a researcher in psychological counseling and a family counselor..

simulation model:

The family is a role model and a simulation model through which children acquire normal psychological characteristics in communicating with others. And that is through children imitating the behaviors of the father and mother, such as maintaining ties of kinship, respect for others, honoring the guest, and reverence for the elderly..

Your son Amanah:

Make sure that your children learn to take responsibility and leave them a small space for decision-making within the family. Also, tell your child that every person has rights and duties in life, and therefore he should respect these duties such as arranging his room and taking care of his personal hygiene, and participating in some simple household tasks to become more able to bear responsibility and make a decision.


Practicing positive dialogue within the family makes the child feel safe, contained, and his family’s interest in his feelings, and thus he has a strong personality where he can express himself easily. Positive dialogue supports the relationship between parents and children, so they become an important part of decision-making within the family and feel accomplishment and self-satisfaction..

Continuous follow up:

Paying attention to the content that is presented to the child on social networking sites, so that the family is keen on the child’s viewing of meaningful content such as children’s stories that instill morals and values, and other educational videos, while making sure to discover and develop the child’s talents so that there is no time for him to become addicted to electronic games spread on the Internet..

Telling stories:

Telling inspiring stories has a great role in shaping the child’s conscience and developing his morals, in addition to expanding his awareness and imagination. And that is through stories that develop good morals and instill role models in the behavior of the child.

Giving skill:

Giving is one of the positive skills that the family must accustom the child to. By visiting the sick, the elderly, visiting orphaned children, and the participation of teenage children in some charitable works. Scientific studies have proven that the skill of giving increases the secretion of endorphins, the hormone responsible for feelings of happiness in the human mind, and thus the teenager’s sense of motivation, achievement and the ability to achieve goals.

Belonging to the homeland:

Instilling belonging to the homeland in the hearts of our children begins with a family that speaks positively about the homeland and teaches its children to respect its sanctities, and is keen to take them to archaeological and historical places that highlight the importance of the homeland and its history through different ages and times, in addition to the role of the school in linking what the student learns in the subject of history and geography. And between what exists in reality in terms of civilization, history and geographical places, this makes the students belong to the civilization and history of the homeland, as it makes the information take root in their minds..

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