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When someone joins a new job, as much enthusiasm for the new beginning as he suffers from confusion and great fear, and a lack of vision of the situation in which he is, and he wonders whether he is able to overcome the matter, and will he be suitable in the work he will do? There are some actions that can be done with the new employee, to support him so that he can communicate with those around him quickly, and activate the slogan of our beautiful morals, according to the “Insperity” website.

1 – Glad you are here:

Any new employee, when starting his work, has some fears about the work system, and for this, the new employee must be provided with all the information he needs, supplies, computer programs, and registration information, and some things can be organized before his arrival to make it easier for him, and make a big difference that makes him feel that he Part of the team from the moment he was there.

2- Welcoming him:

It is very important to introduce the new employee to people in different areas of work, and this may need a short meeting ranging from 15 to 20 minutes to welcome and introduce the new employee, which saves time and effort to introduce himself each time, and helps open channels of communication across the company, which will be It has many benefits for the organization as a whole.

3- Extending a helping hand:

Directing help from those around him from colleagues, speeds up the preparation process by providing support for the new employee, from the first introduction of the company’s policy, to the person who has to contact him if he encounters any problem during his work, and this undoubtedly can relieve pressure on the new employee And the team as a whole, which is a great way to build trust and relationships from the start, and it must be known that any new employee is unsure of his new role and responsibilities, and therefore must provide a mentor and new support work for him, which reduces the tension he feels at the beginning of his work.

4- Introducing him to the company’s culture:

One of the important things is to help the new employee get to know the company’s culture, so that he understands what the company believes in, and the goals that the new employee can make a reality on the ground, which is a good way to support a positive team mindset from day one.

5- Directing his enthusiasm:

Most of the time, the new employee has excessive enthusiasm, because he wants to prove himself to those around him quickly, and this is normal, but it may lead to counterproductive results, and that is why the new employee must be directed in a respectful manner, and this is a natural reaction as a new employee, and for this he must be supported and told That there are better ways to do business better.

6- The little things matter:

Making the new employee to be in a comfortable place is important, which makes his work easier, and likes to treat the new employee well and respectfully, to feel appreciated and this of course provides an opportunity for success and a positive force within the company without a doubt.

Welcome to the new employee

employee appreciation
employee appreciation

New employee
New employee


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