Khedmat Wawashha: “My life has become hell because of the obsession with death”

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I am a committed person and meticulous in my work and life, I pay attention to details and always strive to be a perfect person. A year ago, I had a strange condition that I cannot explain, please help, as I felt a severe heart palpitation and rapid heartbeat and tightness in my chest and I imagined that I would die, I went to the hospital I did an electrocardiogram and the doctor told me your heart is healthy, and there is no organic problem in it, the matter was repeated with me, so he went to another doctor who told me that it was psychological and not organic, so he advised me to go to a psychiatrist, sometimes I feel symptoms while walking in the street suddenly cold hands and I feel tight Breathing and the inability to control myself, sometimes sweating increases and I stand stony and without introductions, my life has become hell, it has increased with me. I have a desire to never leave the house and I am expecting death while I am praying.”


We presented the problem to Dr. Raymond Michel Thabet, a mental health consultant, who said: You are a committed and ambitious person and I do not see that you ever suffer from a weakness in your personality and the symptoms mentioned have nothing to do with that, what you suffer from are known medical symptoms of panic attacks panic attackAnd it comes in the form of sudden bouts of anxiety that have no justification, but it gives a person a feeling that his time is near and the time of death has come, and this is usually accompanied by social isolation or some may develop social phobia, inability to socialize with others, or secondary depression accompanying those attacks.

Rest assured, this condition is never serious and can be treated and cured to a great extent. Panic attacks may come as a symptom of psychological anxiety or continuous thinking about the future and psychological pressure without taking periods of rest. Anxiety appears suddenly in the form of unjustified fear, accompanied by an increased heartbeat and difficulty breathing with some sweating or inability to move and others.

These symptoms are usually very frightening to the person affected by them, but often pass without any serious or life-threatening side effects or effects as the person thinks, these are panic attacks.

It has a psycho-behavioral treatment that helps some people to reduce the severity of the attack, such as deep abdominal breathing by closing your eyes and thinking about something that makes you feel reassuring, and start taking an inhale through the nose, then stifle the air in your chest a little and then slowly exhale it from the mouth. Do exercise, especially walking, as it is generally anti-seizure. Do not expect perfection from life, you have to be flexible with patience and balance between the requirements of life, and we advise you to go to receive psychotherapy sessions for cases of panic, with the need to direct a psychiatrist, as there is a specialized psychopharmacological treatment for these attacks known to psychiatrists, which represents the first line of treatment to deal with seizures Panic and its treatment.

The bottom line: You are never affected by a demon or a demon, and we invite you to rest assured that panic attacks affect many, you just need treatment, which may last for some from one to three years until the symptoms disappear completely, and you have to realize that the matter is not dangerous, and with symptoms Heart palpitations and chest pains, they are not organically affected by the occurrence of the attack, and I did an electrocardiogram and nothing showed up, and many may have these attacks, they do an echocardiogram to ensure its efficiency as an additional examination to reassure that we recommend it to those who have pathological suspicions about the disease. You will pass that stage, God willing, and will recover completely with following the instructions.”

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