How do you teach your child to overcome shyness? Praise his behavior first

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We often notice that our children, whether boys or girls of all ages, are shy, whether during our daily dealings with them, or external dealings with them. Steps that help in the treatment of shyness in children, according to the site “raisingchildren” As follows:

Give your child time to feel comfortable

Don’t make them go directly to an unfamiliar adult or force them to sit with someone the child doesn’t like. Encourage the adult to play with a toy near your child and use a calm voice, to attract him or her, especially if this person is close to the child but shy away from him for no reason .

Stay with your child in social situations

Stay with your child until he is comfortable. As your child becomes more comfortable, you can move away gradually for short periods, for example, sit on a chair with other adults while your child plays on the floor, you can return to your child if you need to.

Let your child know that he is fine while you are with him

Let your child know that he is fine while you are next to him, for example, tell your child that you feel afraid and shy, but you are there to answer all the questions that are on his mind, this method increases your child’s confidence in you.

Avoid over-sedating your child

Over-cooling sends the message that you think this is a frightening society, and too much attention may encourage your child’s overly shy behavior.

Praise your child’s behaviour

Praise your child’s behavior. This praise encourages him to trust himself, and you have to be clear in your praise, for example, praise an action he has done, such as greeting some characters or helping a fellow club.

Keep in mind that shyness is not a weakness

Shyness is not a bad thing, it is a natural response to not knowing how to deal with the strange thing, how many adults and adults when they meet new people in the first interview are satisfied with looking at the audience to see how to deal with each individual and the personality of each individual, so that he does not mishandle later, this is not Rather shy way of collecting notes.

shyness in children

scared child
scared child

shy kid
shy kid


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