Halloween Mothers.. “From Booty Training to Winter Begins” Horror Dictionary in Every Mother’s Life

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On Halloween or Halloween, many celebrate by dressing up in spooky costumes and pretending to be ghosts or scarecrows, but on this day we can also remember our true fears and the things that terrify us.

And for moms, there are a lot of fears they don’t express so we gave them the opportunity on Halloween to express the most terrifying words to them in the experience of motherhood.


Amal Ahmed said: Motherhood itself is a terrifying word, it is all a great responsibility, bearing many meanings and a feeling of joy and fear at the moment more than once.

the responsibility

Noha says: “I’m always afraid of responsibility, and I always feel that I’m not enough to take care of them and take care of them, despite the fact that all the time for my children, but the specter of responsibility always haunts me strongly.

potty training

Wafaa says: “My daughter is two years old, and I know that the appropriate age for booty training is 3 years. I am terrified when I think about the issue, from the many people who talk about its difficulty, especially that it is very stubborn. The more time approaches, I feel a sense of responsibility, but unfortunately it is a necessary step.” .


Asmaa Ahmed tells: “I am afraid of them from the windows and I always feel that they will fall, to the point of terror. I am in winter and summer. I am afraid to open any windows in them, terrifying them, and I have a real feeling that because of them I have a phobia from any window anywhere there is.”

the study

While Hajar said: “Studying is a terror, exams, I have my daughter, she must close the subjects in the event that she decreases the degree of volatility of the whole day. The whole day is constantly sullen and tired. It is true when we finish studying and rest from it, but she is still young. The bottom line is that I live in strife and horror, so much.”


Fatima says: “I was a girl who loved the winter, but after marriage and raising children, the situation changed 180 degrees, due to staying up late in the cold, in addition to some behaviors that could be issued without the knowledge of either party, me and him. It is possible that I am drowning in my sleep and suddenly needs Bathing or drinking, or getting wet, I literally kept terrified of winter.”

maternity and upbringing
Raising children
Raising children


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