3 steps to protect your child after he gets out of exercise.. so that he doesn’t get cold

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It is known that doing sports for children is a suitable and effective way to teach them self-confidence, group spirit, and respect for the great, in addition to the health benefits of building the body, forming muscles and stimulating memory, but with all these benefits many mothers fear to make their children exercise in sports Winter season for fear of getting cold and tired, due to the low air temperatures with high body temperature, which causes them to catch cold sometimes as a result of sweating and wearing wet clothes for a long time. This was denied by Dr. Ahmed Rabie, the teacher at the Faculty of Physical Education at Helwan University, in his speech to Seventh Day” and stressed that there are some steps that the child must take from the beginning to play until the end to keep himself from catching a cold.

Autumn wear

The doctor of physical education said that the mother should help her child wear autumn clothes, while wearing a jacket over her before he comes to exercise, and help him take it off before starting, and then wear it again immediately after the exercise time is over.

Bring an extra set

It is also preferable to bring a complete set of clothes to replace it after completing the exercise after bathing the children, and to wear it in a closed place, while drinking a glass of lukewarm water.

drink water

He stressed the importance and necessity of having a bottle of water, provided that it is lukewarm at the temperature of the air and not completely cold, and eating it every third of an hour at least in order to maintain the moisture and temperature of the child’s body, in addition to the presence of orange juice, guava or lemon juice to preserve them and protect them from colds .

The doctor of physical education ruled out what is said about the harms of exercising in the winter, stressing that any sport, whether football, basketball or any other sport, helps in bone density and calcium deposits on it, in addition to raising the body’s immunity, and protecting children and adults from colds, Especially in cold weather.


exercises for kids
exercises for kids



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