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The government has raised the price of diesel for the seventh time since the beginning of the year

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publish date 2022-10-31 17:43:03

The government decided to reduce the price of gasoline (95) and gasoline (90) by 1.5 piasters, and to raise the price of kerosene and diesel by 3.5 piasters, so that the price for the month of November became:
Gasoline 90: 91 piasters / liter and 18.2 dinars Al-tanka
Gasoline 95: 115.5 piasters / liter and 23.1 dinars Al-tanka
Diesel and kerosene: 86 piasters/liter and 17.2 dinars for the tank

Gasoline recorded the third drop in its local pricing after five increases since the beginning of this year, which raises hopes of easing the burden of transportation on consumers and vehicle owners, despite the continuous demands to reduce large fixed taxes, which deepen the gap between the price of gasoline in Jordan and in the Arab countries.

On the other hand, diesel and kerosene record the seventh rise in the new pricing, which jumped to an unprecedented historical level in the history of the Kingdom, while the rise in the price of diesel is expected to have a significant impact on raising inflation rates in Jordan, due to its share in transportation and pricing of most services and commodities, as well as reducing the Competitiveness of Jordanian industries. Diesel forms part of their production costs, except for the dependence of tens of thousands of Jordanian families on diesel and kerosene for heating.

* Amer Al-Shobaki / economic researcher specializing in energy affairs

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