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Expectations of mass production and prices depend on supply and demand

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publish date 2022-10-31 12:54:14

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The media spokesman for the Syndicate of Olive Press Owners, Mahmoud Al-Omari, said that the quantities received by the mills are somewhat increasing, as farmers have recently started picking olives in the areas of Shafa Ghouria as a result of the ripening of the fruits there.

In a statement to Al-Basala, Al-Omari said, “It is expected that the harvested quantities will increase in the coming days, especially in the highlands that depend on rain water, especially at the beginning of November of this year.”

He added, “As for the quantities produced of olive oil so far, compared to 2021, it is too early to judge them due to the difference in the stages of fruit ripening between the two seasons as a result of several factors, the most important of which are climatic changes.”

Al-Omari also indicated that it is “too early to judge the extent to which citizens are buying olive oil at the present time, given that the season is in its infancy, and usually the demand for purchase increases at the beginning of November, especially since the quantities produced are large, with high quality and at stable prices.”

Regarding oil prices for the current season, Al-Omari pointed out that this depends mainly on supply and demand and the quality of the product usually, but the prices currently circulating range between 80-88 dinars for a 16-kg tin.

He considered that “the current season is better than the 2017 season in terms of the quantities of olive oil produced, as the current season witnesses an increase in the quantity produced, according to the expectations of the Ministry of Agriculture.”

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