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Many of us may want to help people on the way to work, but may not know how to help someone who needs it without making them feel embarrassed or different from them, and the person may agree to get help and may refuse another person. And visual impairment may be a harsh matter for its owner, because it makes him not know his directions properly, but these people must be dealt with carefully so as not to injure them, according to the website.lifeofablindgir“.

The question is whether the person needs help

The person must first be asked about his acceptance of help, does he really need it or does he not want anyone to help him, because if the blind person refuses help, the person trying to help him should not be upset, because he may want to do it like any person so that he does not feel the difference, and he may Some people reach out and grab the person and move them to a certain place, thinking they want to be there, but most of the time this can be scary for them.

self introduction

In the beginning, when talking to a blind or visually impaired person, he must introduce himself so that he pays attention to the person who is speaking to him, because of course if the person sees, he will not need to present himself at that time, and for this, the soul must be presented because the blind and visually impaired person is easy for him to identify On people’s voices, what happens next is a kind of intimacy.

You don’t have to assume some things

Some people may have frustrating misconceptions about a blind person, that’s why any assumptions should be made towards the blind or the visually impaired, and the question should be asked to him, because that may please him, because we all learn when we ask questions all the time. A person may have some curiosity towards a blind or visually impaired person, and for this reason the question must be thought of first before asking it, because the question may be offensive and misplaced, and it may be rude.

Dealing with the blind as a normal person

A person may think, if he encounters a blind or visually impaired person, that he should be treated like a child, we help him without asking us to do so. He does not hurt the feelings of the speaker even if he does not see it, so as not to be disappointed.

Do not change the way you speak

If the speaker talks to a blind person, he should not change his vocabulary and the way he speaks. When speaking, we say look, and do you see, then there is no reason to change this method, as it will not injure the blind or the visually impaired, because he knows that it is a spontaneous way of talking without any intention of insulting his person.

Question first before touching it

Before you hold the hand of a blind or visually impaired person, you must ask him first, for he also has limits, which must not be crossed, and this may be disturbing to him, and this act leads to the complete opposite of what is intended, and this makes him feel confused, and you can ask them As for how you can help them, don’t hold the stick without their permission.

Give a detailed description

If a blind person asks you about the specifications of the road, you must tell him precisely and in detail that there is a certain place on the right and another place on the left, and in front there is a high sidewalk.

Dealing with the blind

blind woman
blind woman



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