Meghan Markle reveals she owns 43% of Nigerian assets after genealogy test

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Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, revealed that she is 43% Nigerian after taking a genealogy test “two years ago”, and spoke about it in her latest appearance, andThe Duchess of Sussex said she’s going to start digging deeper into all of thisAnd in another part of the episode that was released on Spotify Meghan admitted that she is “a specific person”, but insisted that “telling people what you need does not make you a demanding person”, as she claimed that black women are portrayed as “angry” most of the time, according to the British Daily Mail.

Speaking to Nigerian-American comedian Zio, Megan explained, “I did my pedigree a few years ago, I’m 43 percent Nigerian,” and Zio responded with shock, “That’s huge for our community.” Meanwhile, the Duchess, while discussing her behavior in work situations, spoke of her frustration at walking into a room ‘out of fear of being seen negatively’..

comedian actress zio

The Duchess of Sussex was previously described as a ‘difficult Duchess’ after allegations about her ‘dictatorial’ behavior and 5 a.m. emails that allegedly prompted her aide Samantha Cohen to quit..

Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle

Other aides to the royal family have recounted bullying and outbursts of anger, and Meghan has vehemently denied any allegations of bullying, andAt the beginning of the episode, comedian Ziwey described how her “bold and rude” character on screen is “directly at odds with what a woman should be in public, according to sexism.”“.


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