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Every mother and housewife is interested in providing integrated meals for their children, especially in the breakfast meal, which seeks in every way to gather the most nutritionally valuable and useful ingredients for them in a way that they like. Therefore, “The Seventh Day” TV shows with Chef Iman Abdel Raouf how to make pastrami at home or false pastrami for less. Possible cost to make sandwiches and add them to pasta and pizza for lunch as desired, and it is an ideal way to make it easy and save it, and most of the ingredients are in every home.

How to make pastrami at home

the ingredients

Half a kilo of minced meat contains a percentage of fat

tablespoon minced garlic

Spices and spices A spoonful of “paprika, garlic powder, salt, black pepper, cumin and coriander.”

Two tablespoons of sifted ground fenugreek to get rid of lumps.

Refrigerator bags and rolling pin to spread the meat

How to make pastrami at home

How to prepare

Prepare the kibbeh or mincing tool you have available to mince the meat again and make it soft.

Put all the spices on the meat while continuing to chop.

Then put a spoonful of minced garlic and continue to chop the meat until it becomes like soft kofta.

In the refrigerator bags, put the meatballs from the prepared mixture and roll them well with a rolling pin.

Stack in the refrigerator and do not use before 24 hours of freezing.

You can put slices of it on eggs and use it in sandwiches, pasta, pies, and pizza.


eggs with pastrami
eggs with pastrami

How to make pastrami
How to make pastrami


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