For men only.. the keys to dealing with the word “Mafeesh” so that it does not turn into despair

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“No, the attention is not required. If I were interested, I would have known.” Many words that many women say to their partner, make them stand confused, saying what should I do? Many men say that at this time he does not know the appropriate way to deal with his life partner, so should he leave her while she is carrying a lot of anger inside her, or does he insist on talking to her to find out what is inside her when he has nothing, causing another problem?

Dr. Salma Abu Al-Yazid, a mental health consultant, said in her interview with Al-Youm Al-Sabaa that the easy and quick way is to agree on frankness and clarity from the beginning of the relationship, to make there are interpretations of the word “Mafeesh” that is said by the woman and the man finds its interpretation very easily.

Keys to dealing with the word “nothing”

The mental health consultant confirmed that clarity, whether from a man or a woman, is easy to solve many problems and quickly end them. Here comes the role of the man in focusing on her speech to know the point that hides her and belongs to him, by following the way she speaks and changing the layers of her voice and the gestures of her face.

And the mental health consultant added that the man at this time should be a good listener and attentive to her, and show more sympathy with her, and note if she needs to help her solve or tell to share her day only.

The mental health consultant indicated that if you do not find a clear reason for her change, there are two possibilities, the first is the common one that there is nothing from the base and the other, her need for participation and containment, her lack of loneliness, and telling her how much you love her.

Attention is not required

marital disputes
marital disputes

A man's interest in a woman
A man’s interest in a woman


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