Conquer or joy or crocodile tears? What your body language tells you about crying

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Tears are one of the most clear signs that indicate the other party’s feeling of several feelings such as sadness and distress, and in other cases they are evidence of joy and happiness. Unfortunately, crying tears do not reveal any of the previous feelings that a person feels while crying, but they express that he Strong feelings, you will need to know them to notice the signs and behaviors accompanying this person, so we will discuss in the following lines the most important signs in body language that will help you understand the reason for crying and the feelings of the person while crying, according to Mohamed Hassan, a body language expert.

Crocodile tears?

If you want to know the crying of the other party, true or false, do not look at his tears and at his eyes, and do not listen to the sounds he makes while crying, but look at his forehead, and notice whether wrinkles or any affection appear on it or not. It is a sincere crying that emanates from within, and here we should point out that some women do not show any wrinkle or affect on their forehead during crying due to plastic surgeries and Botox injections. I know that if he does this, then he knows that his crying represents you and that his crying is a lie.

Are his eyes sad?

Look closely at the sign of the upper eyelid drooping of the eyes, if you notice its appearance, then know that you are in front of someone who is feeling sad and perhaps depressed, but I know that this sign happens to many working women when they feel stressed and exhausted.

Do the eyes widen from time to time while crying?

Widening eyes while crying from one moment to another indicates several things, including tension, or that what made him cry is something that happened suddenly that he did not expect to happen, or that he is afraid of something that is expected to happen soon, beware of this person, he may be trying to know your reaction And did you believe his crying or not, do you sympathize with him and were really affected by his crying or not?

Embrace yourself while crying

One of the signs that express the fear of the other party and that he cries for not feeling safe You see him crying and encircling himself with his arms, embracing himself from the chest area, closing his body to himself.

neck grip

It is known that people who cry while crying, you see them holding or pressing their neck, are more likely to feel negative feelings that may be more dangerous than those who only cry, as well as those who cling to the chairs or the table or the hand of a friend or friend.


The truth about crying in body language
The truth about crying in body language
honest crying
honest crying


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