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Allowing municipalities to defer the collection of landlord tax in transfer transactions to heirs

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publish date 2022-10-30 18:45:48

The Council of Ministers decided, in its session held today, Sunday, headed by Prime Minister Dr. Bishr Al-Khasawneh, to allow municipalities to postpone the collection of buildings and lands tax (sheds) in cases of transfer transactions to heirs.

The decision comes for the purpose of facilitating citizens in the transactions of exit, transfer and separation between heirs, provided that they are placed as verifications on them, and that they are completed later when conducting any licensing transactions, setting up projects, transferring or selling to others.

The Council of Ministers had previously decided to allow the postponement of the collection of organizational returns on plots of land for the purposes of facilitating exit, transfer and separation transactions between heirs and partners, revitalizing the real estate market and investing and reconstructing these lands, provided that the organization’s returns are placed as verifications on the heirs and partners, and that they are collected later when any transactions are made. Licensing or setting up transfer or sale projects from the owners, heirs and partners to third parties.

On the other hand, the Council of Ministers approved a system amending the system of joint services councils for the year 2022 AD; To take into account the change that took place in the name of the Ministry of Local Administration and the Government Procurement System, and to grant the joint service councils the powers to establish transfer stations and solid waste facilities.

The new system also gives the Minister of Local Administration the power to divide the Kingdom into a number of service areas, by including a number of municipalities served by one landfill or merging a number of them with each other.

The Council also approved the reasons for a draft system amending the system of the Social Security Fund for workers in the Ministry of Education for the year 2022 AD; With the aim of stabilizing financial transactions, and filling the legislative gap in cases of employee resignation or termination of his services, to be consistent with the provisions of the civil service system.

The Council also approved the reasons for a draft system amending the system of the Pension Fund and Benefits Fund for Agricultural Engineers for the year 2022 AD; With the aim of alleviating the burdens on union members and recent graduates of agricultural engineers, and the challenges of obtaining job opportunities for them.

The draft system also aims to reduce the administrative burden on the fund, raise the amount of subsidy due to the member or beneficiary from seven thousand dinars to eight thousand dinars, and other amendments that serve the members of the union.

The Council of Ministers approved the necessitating reasons for the draft system of the municipal court system for the year 2022 AD, and the compelling reasons for the draft system for the formation of the municipal court of Bab Amman for the year 2022; In preparation for sending them to the Legislation and Opinion Bureau to complete the procedures for issuing them according to the rules; This is in implementation of the provisions of the Courts Formation Law No. (35) of 2006 AD, which requires the issuance of a special system for each municipal court.

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