Questions from a 112-year-old trial reveal a crime mystery in 2022 in Britain

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A British court has found a chef guilty of murdering his partner and cutting her body, after prosecutors used the method of questions posed in a famous trial that took place in 1910, and according to what the British “Daily Mail” website reported, Ilona Gulabek (27 years) was subjected to seven hammer blows before being executed. Her body was cut to pieces by her partner, Camille Ranochic, 42, who dumped her remains in a park, after discovering she was connected to another person through a dating app..

According to the British newspaper, the crime took place in an apartment in Boston, in the county of Lincolnshire, eastern England, in November of last year, and the only evidence against the killer was circumstantial evidence based on information to conclude that the incident was proven, according to what the prosecution told the jury in court..

In this case, the British public prosecutor used the questions asked during the famous trial of “Dr. Crippen” that took place in 1910 and led to his conviction and then execution in London, and these questions were enough to convince the jury that “Gulabek” did not leave her apartment while she was alive, Contrary to what her partner claims.

During the final trial, prosecutors asked Ranoshik, “At 11 p.m. on the night of November 9, I came home and sat down with Ilona, ​​is that true?” The accused replied in the affirmative, and the Public Prosecution asked him a second question: “Was Ilona alive”, to which the accused replied, “Yes.”

During the arrest of Dr. Crippen upon his arrival in Britain
During the arrest of Dr. Crippen upon his arrival in Britain

The third question was: “Were they in good condition?” The answer was also “Yes.”, and the last question: “Do you know anyone in the world who has seen her alive since that time?” He said, “No,” and thus the Public Prosecution concluded with evidence incriminating the accused, applying the same questions that were asked in the famous crime that occurred in 1910..

The chef said, “He spent the evening of the crime day celebrating a friend’s birthday, and found Gulabik on the sofa holding her phone when he came home at 11 pm, and said he went to bed, and when he woke up for work at 2:20 am, he allegedly disappeared That night, Gulabek was communicating with a man via a dating app, but the messages ended at 11:46 p.m., according to investigations, and in the end, the court sentenced Ranoshik to life in prison.


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