Khedma and Shusha: “My wife is of average education, and my daughters control her mind, what is the solution?”

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“My wife is good and has all the characteristics of a good wife, but unfortunately she is of average education, specifically a diploma in commerce and I am of higher education. We have three daughters in different stages of education, but by God’s grace the girls reach a degree of intelligence and broad horizons, but my wife cannot keep up with them in that and I often find that they beat her With argument and logic in many situations, although I understand what is going on in their thinking and I know what they want, she does not understand the degree of their thinking. I often advise her to do that and tell her, “Understand the children, the children laugh at you, the children work for you.” She gets upset and upset, so what is the solution for the girls’ intellectual control over their mother? .


Dear reader, we perceive in your letter a clear annoyance about the difference in the educational level between you and the wife, which may have reflected on her position among the children. She sees this problem as the reason why girls are “intellectually controlling” her, when she might be trying to balance the equation a little, containing them and getting close to them especially if you’re being tougher with them. Dr. Eman Al Rayes, a family and psychological counselor, says that we should differentiate between mental abilities, education and life experiences. It is possible that the mother is highly educated, but the problem remains and she is still unable to deal with the children at some age. Because this is due to the mental abilities and life experiences through which the mother can understand the children, deal with them, renew her ideas and ways to treat their behavior, and vice versa. The mother may be uneducated, but she has enough experience and life culture that helps her understand the children.

If you think that you are better able to understand girls and the way they think and behave, you can take on this task, alert her without blaming or denouncing or belittling her to the way you think girls think, and the behavior that you think she should do, to help her and take her hand in Seeing what she cannot see, it is important that you complement each other. Your letter says that you are trying to play this role, which is a good thing, you should just change your way of alerting her to what is happening because the way you mentioned in the letter involves a lot of blame and disparagement, which of course makes her upset and perhaps stubborn and not accept your advice.

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