How to make chickpea soup with cumin and lemon.. Warms and nourishes

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Chickpea soup is a light food that contains many nutrients and works to provide the body with energy, so we will discuss in the following lines how to make chickpea soup at the lowest costs and the fastest time.

How to make chickpea soup: Ingredients:

A quarter of a kilo of boiled or canned chickpeas, as desired

2 minced garlic clove

1 an onion

celery leaves or parsley

lemon juice



dry coriander

How to prepare chickpea soup:

First, we saute the garlic in a spoonful of butter or oil, depending on what you have

Then add coriander when you smell garlic and stir well

Then add the onions and stir well

Then add chickpea boiling water or any available soup

Then we put salt, cumin, lemon juice and celery until it boils

How to boil chickpeas:

Before boiling, it is preferable to put the chickpeas in an amount of water and soak for long hours, ranging from 4 to 8 hours

Then we prepare a pot and put it on a low heat and put in the water, an onion, 2 chopped tomatoes and cumin.

Put the chickpeas and leave it to boil until they are cooked, the duration of both ranges from 60 minutes to 80

Chickpea soup with cumin and lemon
chickpea soup
chickpea soup

How to make chickpea soup with lemon
How to make chickpea soup with lemon


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