A picture and information.. “Sesame” is a musical instrument of Pharaonic origin and used by the popular resistance

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A wedding or a popular party in the governorates of Suez, Port Said or Ismailia is not free of the simsiya instrument, which many of the people of these governorates learn and master well and take as a profession from which they live. Simsimiyya is a type of popular Egyptian music and its roots go back to the Pharaonic civilization.

Bands play the samsiya in the northern coast of the country, along with other types of musical instruments. The samsiya is often played with an Egyptian dance called “bambotiya”.

It is said that the origin of the sesame instrument is the pharaonic canara instrument, which is very similar to the current fugitive instrument, but it is smaller in size and contains seven strings made from the intestines of the animal.


Some accounts indicated that the simsimiya reached the canal cities through the people of Upper Egypt who were working in digging the Suez Canal.

The sesame instrument played a role in the period of the war of attrition, as it was the most influential tool in the media war, where the residents of the channel used it in the resistance, and despite the development of the era and the end of the war, the musical instrument is still played in Suez, Port Said and Ismailia governorates.


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