Modus operandi of the Mujadara..a quick and light meal

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Mujadara is one of the dishes that combines rice and lentils, as it is very similar to the koshary dish, and it can also be prepared quickly, as it is one of the dishes that are easy to prepare and easy to ingredients, so we will discuss, in the following lines, how to make Mujadara according to the method of Chef Mai Siam, with a delicious taste

Mujaddara method of work:

the ingredients:

2 cup of rice

A cup and a half of black lentils

an onion

An onion to apply


black pepper


How to prepare Mujadara

Soak the lentils from the night in the absence of time, and if time is not available, we boil the lentils in water until it becomes 3/4 ripe

We prepare a bowl and put the oil, preferably olive oil

Then saute the onions until they turn a light golden colour

Then add rice, add lentils, stir for a minute, add salt, cumin and black pepper

Then add 2 cups of water until the water covers the rice with the lentils

When the water absorbs, we reduce the fire and settle like regular rice on a low heat until it is cooked

Serve and put on top of the fried onions

Al-Mujadara is one of the foods that can be eaten as a main or side dish, or you can have some fresh juices such as lemon, mint, or orange.

Mujdara components
The modus operandi of the Mujdara
The modus operandi of the Mujdara


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