Giant crocodile swallows a drone in an amazing scene in America .. video

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In an amazing scene, a huge crocodile swallowed a drone in Florida, after it jumped and snatched it from the air. out of the water and eats a new drone, according to the British Daily Mail.

Robert, the real estate agent, was using the drone to take pictures of his girlfriend’s new family boat in Palm Beach, and he spotted the crocodile in the water and decided to take a closer look at it with the camera, but disaster happened when the crawler snatched it from the air, and the real estate agent said: “It was a drone Brand new pilot I use on my property listings.”

He continued, “I was trying to take some pictures of my new girlfriend’s family boat, then I thought I’d get some good close-up videos and photos of the crocodile.” “, While Robert was dumbfounded, his family instantly burst out laughing.

Crocodile jumps in the air to catch the plane


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