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The latest developments in the Al-Weibdeh building case in court… What did the father of one of the victims request?

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publish date 2022-10-02 13:44:15

The Amman Criminal Court held its third session in the case of a building collapse in Al Weibdeh area in Amman about 20 days ago, which resulted in the death of 14 people and the injury of 9 people, and three were arrested in connection with the case.
Today, Sunday, during a public session headed by Judge Sharaf Abu Latifa, the court heard seven witnesses, and they were discussed by the defense attorneys for the accused.

The father of one of the victims who died in the incident asked the court to secure a lawyer for the complaining parties, especially since they do not have the financial ability to pay the lawyer, in return they face three lawyers for the defense.
Witnesses of the Public Prosecution Office told the court what they saw and heard about the incident, and they answered the defense attorneys’ questions, in a session that lasted for about four hours.

The court asked the witnesses whom it heard about their desire to complain about the detainees in the case, and they answered that they wanted to, and the court decided to adjourn the session to next Tuesday, to complete consideration of the case.
The court had started its first session on September 25, and asked the three defendants about the charges against them and they answered that they were not guilty of causing death 14 times and harm 9 times.

The court decided to continue to arrest the defendants in the second session, and to hear the witnesses of the Public Prosecution in the case.
It is noteworthy that a three-storey building comprising 6 apartments inhabited by families collapsed in the Weibdeh area, and caused the fall of an independent house adjacent to it, resulting in 14 deaths and 9 injuries.


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